Mother Mother Podcast

Mother Mother is a podcast from the mom friends you need right now. Because this shit is hard. 

Join writer Emily Farris and her mom friends every Tuesday as they get real about motherhood. From diversifying our social circles and managing our mental health to bra shopping after breastfeeding and peeing in private, no topic is off limits. Guests include writers, doctors, and other experts, as well as a handful of mothers who may not have a huge platform but whose voices are equally important as we all try to navigate this "new normal" — whatever the hell that means.

Emily has been a professional lifestyle writer for 20 years. She co-hosted a popular but short-lived food podcast before everybody had a podcast and has appeared regularly as a guest and lifestyle expert on her local NPR affiliate. Since becoming a parent, she's written about beer and breastfeeding for The Cut, a magical baby butt trumpet for Lifehacker, and all kinds of topics (including postpartum anxiety, her late-in-life ADHD diagnosis, and gaining weight while breastfeeding) for What’s Up Moms. In addition to making the Mother Mother podcast, Emily is working on an essay collection about her ADHD and also writing full time because those other things don't actually pay all the bills. She lives in Kansas City, MO with her husband, two young sons, two rowdy rescue mutts, and three backyard chickens.

Mother Mother is produced by Sidework Content Studio (okay, that's also Emily) and distributed through Acast.

The theme song, “Mother Mother” by Tracy Bonham, is performed by Jocelyn Mackenzie with Harry Bolles.