Dec. 21, 2021

Emily’s Mormon Mom Friend, Tanei Atagi Henry

Emily’s Mormon Mom Friend, Tanei Atagi Henry
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This week, Emily is joined by one of her oldest friends, Tanei Atagi Henry — a writer, non-profit director, mom, and wife in Provo, Utah. Emily and Tanei talk about their not-so-picturesque hometown, Tanei’s life in the Mormon church, and the Christmas Emily spent with Tanei’s family. And yes, they talk about the undergarments. (Photo credit)


A SCHEDULING NOTE: Emily is taking off next week to rest and spend the holidays with her family, so check back for a new episode in the new year. 



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Tanei Atagi HenryProfile Photo

Tanei Atagi Henry

Writer/Executive Director/Mom/Wife

Tanei grew up in Independence, MO and met Emily in 6th grade. They did Student Council, drama, and even a Spice Girls act together.

After high school, Tanei graduated from Brigham Young University and taught high school English. Then left to raise her own children. She has four now and is a stay-at-home mom.
Tanei runs a nonprofit, Introducing Tomorrow, which introduces elementary-aged girls to various career paths. She also writes for Pacificus Magazine.

Tanei and her husband have been members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints their entire lives. Tanei served a proselytizing mission for the Church in 2004-2005.
She likes eating and doing yoga, hiking and skiing, and karaoke.

Photo by Justin Hackworth