Nov. 9, 2021

Britt Null is Not a Momfluencer

Britt Null is Not a Momfluencer
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For the second installment of a two-part series on momfluencers, Emily is joined by her friend, Brittany Null — a single mom of three who makes a living posting lifestyle and family content, but doesn’t consider herself a momfluencer. Emily and Britt talk about Britt’s very public divorce, the pressure to present as okay during lockdown, and paying her kids for sponsored posts. After the break, they get into boob jobs and how being a Black mom on the Internet sometimes feels like being a Black mom at the playground. Oh, and Emily goes on a mini-rant about mommywine. 


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Brittany NullProfile Photo

Brittany Null

CEO and Founder of Hot Mess Express

Hey! I’m Britt! Full time digital content creator and mama to three. I enjoy coffee and long walks in the park. This is sounding too much like my failed dating app profile so I’ll stop there.

Check me out on IG if you’re wanting more 😆: @brittnull