Dec. 7, 2021

The Doctor Is In with Jennifer Sturich-Cummins, MD

The Doctor Is In with Jennifer Sturich-Cummins, MD

Can moms avoid getting every virus their kids bring home? Which is more important: sleep or exercise? Are pregnant women the most annoying patients? Why doesn’t anyone talk about their hemorrhoids? In this week’s episode, Emily’s GP, Dr. Jennifer Sturich-Cummins, answers all these questions and more.


Mentioned in this episode:

Article: Culture may influence how women experience menopause

Study: Menopause Across Cultures: A Review of the Evidence

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Jennifer Sturich-Cummins


Jennifer Sturich-Cummins is a Kansas City based mom of two girls, and a third generation Family Practice Physician. She's a self-described "nerdy introvert" just trying to figure things out day to day.