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Dr. Iyer is a board certified psychiatrist based in Dallas, TX. She pursued her psychiatry training in New York. She has held academic faculty positions both at Albany Medical College and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical College, where she was an assistant professor. Dr. Iyer has a special focus on perinatal psychiatry, where she works to assist women with emotional health prior to, during, and after pregnancy, as well as during pregnancy loss, breastfeeding related challenges and adoption. She incorporates holistic practices and psychotherapy to provide a tailored approach to her care.

Managing Maternal Mental Health with Aparna Iyer, MD
Feb. 8, 2022

Managing Maternal Mental Health with Aparna Iyer, MD

Is it okay to take mental health meds when pregnant? What about breastfeeding? Where’s the line between normal new-mom anxiety and full-blown postpartum anxiety? Or is it all just a big murky swamp? Perinatal psychiatrist Apa...

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