Mother Mother, a motherhood podcast that doesn’t make you cringe.

Emily is a great host with a relatable, witty, & honest approach. This first season has had a great roundup of guests and listener question episodes. Subscribe and spread the word!

Relatable, thoughtful, delightful

If you can’t see your mom friends right now, or they live far away, or making mom friends is too awkward and overwhelming - you should probably listen to this podcast and feel like you’re in a friendly, honest conversation with Emily and her guests. There’s a lot of *stuff* around being a mom, and we just need to talk about it. I like listen to this on the rare occasions I drive somewhere by myself.

Real, real!

Love this real, raw look at motherhood. Guests are diverse and interesting and help me think about life from a new angle. Check it out!

Emily keeps it real

Finally, a podcaster who isn’t afraid to use the F bomb. I love how real Emily is. She is such a delight and a great virtual mom friend. 10/10, highly recommend.

Just what I need

Every guest Emily has had has been so relatable. It feels good to hear people talk about the struggles and experiences of being a mother in this insane world. This show is wonderful and I look forward to every episode to come.

Father mother

Because a father can be a mother and a mother can be a father.


Emily is so fun and easy to listen to. Keep it up!

The real deal

Finally a podcast that focuses on motherhood rather than children. Emily & her friends are so relatable & the format is not formulaic, so it genuinely feels like hanging out with friends. A must listen for all moms.

Like chatting with friends

So fun to listen, I could hang out with these two all day.